Kim Dao in a Capsule Hotel

In her video, “Capsule Hotel in Japan Experience,” Kim Dao visits the Akihabara Bay Hotel in Tokyo, Japan and shares what is like to spend a day with only about 10,000 yen (roughly one hundred US dollars). Kim gives a tour through the unique, clean, and female-only capsule hotel, giving a rundown on how it all works ( After checking in for only 3,800 yen a night, Kim gets her stuff in a personal locker, checks out the clean showers, an area to get work done or chill out, and the small, but sufficient capsule to sleep in. The well-stocked hotel also provides other free amenities such as pajamas, curling irons, a shower tote with towels, and plenty of useful toiletries.Learn more :


After setting up in the hotel, Kim and her travel partner, Emma, head out for the day to explore the Electric Town of Tokyo and find plenty of anime and manga merchandise. They find retro and classic video games, play a bit of Mario, and buy some cute Pokemon goods to take home. Kim and Emma hit the arcade next, where they play Dance Dance Revolution and get bested by one of those pesky claw machines. With about 1,300 yen left, they grab some Pokemon-shaped taiyaki on the street, and challenge themselves to eat fifty chicken nuggets for dinner. After the eventful day, Kim and Emma head back to the hotel, get their skincare routine done, and turn out the lights in their tiny capsules.Learn more :


Kim Dao Releases New Video Talking About Her Move From Japan

Kim Dao is a native Australian who has been living in Japan for a year. While in Japan she has ran a popular YouTube Channel where she showcases the country as well as lifestyle and Beauty tips. In early June 2017 she posted a new video announcing her departure from Japan.Learn more :

Her new plan is to move back to Australia and spend time with her family and friends, including her boyfriend, there. Kim Dao also says she’s been a bit stressed out so she wants to relax at home before doing any more traveling. However, after recharging she plans to go to South Korea for a week as well as spending seven weeks in Europe. She’s planning on visiting several countries including the UK, France, Germany, and other nations. Kim Dao will be blogging throughout her journey.Learn more :

During her travels, Kim Dao plans on doing meet-ups with the fans of her videos. She plans on continuing to put up YouTube videos about Japanese makeup and beauty. She has also said she has a bunch of videos she needs to edit from during her time in Japan that she will be eventually posting.Learn more :

Even after Kim Dao eventually moves back to Australia, and into an apartment she has bought with her boyfriend, she plans to continue with her channel. She says she still has plenty of beauty and lifestyle tips that are also particular to Australia. She also wants to show her international viewers the great sites and experiences that Australia offers.Learn more :