The Lung Institute Is Healing by Looking at the Root of the Problem

Chronic illness is something that’s difficult to understand from the outside. People who’ve only had experience with temporary illness can have a lot of sympathy for the symptoms of chronic illness. However, the longer lasting effects are far more difficult to understand. Part of the difficulty in dealing with chronic illness is the simple fact that every moment of one’s life tends to center around the problem. It’s there when looking at the past. It’s obviously a concern in the present. And many people lose hope of finding relief in the future. The most worrying aspect of that situation is that there should always be hope. For example, recent years have produced what’s arguably one of the single biggest advances in treating chronic lung conditions.

The breakthrough comes from the Baylor College of Medicine – Lung Institute. As one might expect from the name, they have a lot of experience working with lung conditions. And this is part of what provided the means to use an innovative new technique. Their method involves the creation and use of stem cells. People have realized the power and potential of stem cells for quite some time now. But it’s only recently that they’ve begun to really bear fruit. One of the factors which has helped the Lung Institute is a delivery mechanism. As experts in lung treatment, they know exactly how the bodies circulatory interacts with the respiratory system. This provided them with what’s essentially a road map of the human body. Most synthetic medicines would have a difficult time making use of those pathways. The human body can detect what’s naturally made within it and what comes from outside. And it usually wants to get rid of anything that wasn’t created locally.

The Lung Institute used a new method by which they could take samples from a patient’s body and create medicinally active stem cells from it. This instantly brings some advantages to the table. One of the biggest is that the material is still considered native to the patient’s body. As such, the patient’s immune system won’t try to impede the medicine. The other advantage stems from that. The medicine is able to use the same transport paths as anything else in the body. By doing so the stem cells can reach any damaged area of the lungs. From there they can begin to really heal up damaged tissue in a way that hasn’t been possible before. It’s the hope that many people with chronic lung conditions have been waiting for. And it’s a sign of hope for anyone dealing with chronic illness. Read the testimonials on to learn more.

Joseph’s Life Saved By The Lung Institute

In March of 2015, A man named Joseph O. visited The Lung Institute for the first time. Joseph suffered from a condition known as pulmonary fibrosis. This unfortunate illness made it difficult for Joseph to brush his teeth while standing, have conversations without getting short of breath and do simple physical activity like walk up a flight of stairs. His life was truly a daily struggle, and he felt hopeless. In fact, a doctor had told Joseph that his illness was fatal, so he was prepared to live in a debilitating condition until the grim end.

However, Joseph still felt a glimmer of hope. He did not want to just give in. He decided to give a revolutionary new treatment from The Lung Institute a try. Joseph went to the Lung Institute offices in Tampa, Florida. He was given stem cell therapy. Not long after Joseph reported that he no longer needs an oxygen tank to assist him with daily living. His oxygen machine used to report his levels in the 80s range, but now it says that he is stably in the 90s, a healthy level, all on his own. Joseph is overjoyed that he is no longer hampered by the ugly device.

When Joseph did his first follow up with his pulmonologist, they were both blown away. A CT scan was performed, and it showed that all of his inflammation was gone. Results like these are not uncommon at The Lung Institute. Some doctors at other clinics are skeptical about the new methods of treatment. According to Cedars-Sinai, success stories like Joseph’s help get the word out about the incredible results that can be achieved. Other patients are also sharing their stories about how The Lung Institute saved their lives. Any skeptic who witnesses the results that have been achieved will become a believer.

The Lung Institute is one of the nation’s leading providers of treatment for lung diseases. Patients( who suffer from interstitial lung disease, pulmonary disease and pulmonary fibrosis should seek out treatment there. More than 2,000 patients have already received treatment and 82 percent report a large improvement in the quality of their lives. To read more about the success of stem cell, visit

For more info, visit the Lung Institute’s website.