Securus Technologies Helping Solve Cold Cases

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in law enforcement is dealing with cases that run cold. Just because all the leads have dried up and no one is talking about the case any longer does not mean there are not people who are suffering and waiting for closure. A cold case landed on my desk, and the suspect seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth after committing a violent crime on a young lady and escaped from the local correctional facility.


One thing that I have learned in my many years in law enforcement is that these criminals always come back to their home territory in time because they feel safe in those surroundings despite being on every officer’s radar. This case was no exception as I was notified the suspect was in fact under an assumed name and back to his life of crime. Before anyone else was hurt, I needed to find this suspect and get him back to the prison.


When I was at the jail talking with inmates and officers, I was informed Securus Technologies was on site installing an inmate telephone call monitoring system. The system included LBS software that could do the work of many officers more accurately. Securus Technologies is a very well-known name in jails, having been installed in over two thousand prisons and their CEO Rick Smith having only one objective, making this world safe for all.


I decided to try to use the monitoring system to find my suspect, when we picked up chatter between an inmate who was irate with his family and yelling on the phone that our suspect owed him money for letting him stay at his brother’s house. This was a lead we never would have uncovered without the help of Securus Technologies, and we had our suspect hours later.


Eva Moskowitz – A Professional Leader In Education

Eva Moskowitz is the CEO and founder of Success Academy Charter Schools. She attended The University of Pennsylvania and graduated from John Hopkins University with a Ph.D. in American History. Eva has a long history in Education. She has taught at schools such as Virgina University, Vanderbilt University, City University of New York, and Columbia University. Prior to becoming a CEO, she was a chair member of the education committee for the New York City Council. She held this position from 1999-2006.

In 2006, Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy Charter Schools. Success Academy Charter Schools is known for being the largest and best-performing branch of charter schools in New York City. Eva Moskowitz had a mission when opening these schools. Her mission was to challenge the knowledge of children that come from low-income households with the highest academic standards possible. With opening Success Academy Charter Schools, Eva Moskowitz found herself to be a leader in education reform. This is due to giving children who come from inner cities a good education which will then help them to achieve their goals.

Recently, Success Academy Charter Schools had won a grant of $25,000. The grant was given to Eva Moskowitz at the National Charter School Convention in Washington D.C. With this award, she plans to open a brand new Institute. This institute will be dedicated to college readiness. Eva had mentioned that the award she received has proven a point. The award received makes a statement that less fortunate children are able to succeed in education no matter their background.

Eva has also planned to launch a third institute. This institute is named the Success Academy Education Institute. The purpose of this is to help spread their practices to others. The first project will include releasing their digital reading curriculum for free.

David Giertz – President of NFS Distributors Inc from Dublin, Ohio

David Giertz is a widely acclaimed and respected senior financial executive in the United States and holds the designation of President of NFS Distributors Inc. The NFS Distributors is the arm of the parent firm Nationwide Financial Services and aims to market and sell the wide variety of financial products of the company. David Giertz has helped the firm to achieve remarkable success under his leadership and even helped in pushing the sales of the company from $11 Billion marks to nearly $18 Billion mark, which is a feat that had the corporate circle pouring praise on him from all over. David Giertz is a smart businessman with a vision for the future, and the best part about him is that he continues to study the market to understand the market trends and customers’ need.

David Giertz believes in profitability and he achieves so by streamlining the business processes and integrating innovation in every step of the way, in whichever way possible. It helps in modernizing the businesses and passing on the benefits to the end users, who in turn pass on their business to the company on David Giertz has a record of providing immense growth in whichever organization he has joined, starting from Financial Institutions Bank Channel, where he helped in growing the revenue from $1.5 Billion to a whopping $8 Billion.

Such a massive turnover is achieved by David Giertz by analyzing the market trends and then correlating the customers with what the company has to offer. It helps in understanding what the consumer’s needs, and once the company understands the market on Facebook, it becomes easier to devise as well as provide customers with products that almost seems like are customized for them. It helps in enhancing sales as well as creates brand awareness in the long-term.

David Giertz is also a certified business coach with WABC and achieved a high score. Till date, David Giertz has certified more than 100 business leaders as coaches, which has helped in introducing the culture of business coaches in the corporate circle. It helps in keeping the executives polished with the updated market and business strategies and providing them with the new age techniques of how to become more efficient and improve performance at

Kim Dao in a Capsule Hotel

In her video, “Capsule Hotel in Japan Experience,” Kim Dao visits the Akihabara Bay Hotel in Tokyo, Japan and shares what is like to spend a day with only about 10,000 yen (roughly one hundred US dollars). Kim gives a tour through the unique, clean, and female-only capsule hotel, giving a rundown on how it all works ( After checking in for only 3,800 yen a night, Kim gets her stuff in a personal locker, checks out the clean showers, an area to get work done or chill out, and the small, but sufficient capsule to sleep in. The well-stocked hotel also provides other free amenities such as pajamas, curling irons, a shower tote with towels, and plenty of useful toiletries.Learn more :


After setting up in the hotel, Kim and her travel partner, Emma, head out for the day to explore the Electric Town of Tokyo and find plenty of anime and manga merchandise. They find retro and classic video games, play a bit of Mario, and buy some cute Pokemon goods to take home. Kim and Emma hit the arcade next, where they play Dance Dance Revolution and get bested by one of those pesky claw machines. With about 1,300 yen left, they grab some Pokemon-shaped taiyaki on the street, and challenge themselves to eat fifty chicken nuggets for dinner. After the eventful day, Kim and Emma head back to the hotel, get their skincare routine done, and turn out the lights in their tiny capsules.Learn more :


Kim Dao Releases New Video Talking About Her Move From Japan

Kim Dao is a native Australian who has been living in Japan for a year. While in Japan she has ran a popular YouTube Channel where she showcases the country as well as lifestyle and Beauty tips. In early June 2017 she posted a new video announcing her departure from Japan.Learn more :

Her new plan is to move back to Australia and spend time with her family and friends, including her boyfriend, there. Kim Dao also says she’s been a bit stressed out so she wants to relax at home before doing any more traveling. However, after recharging she plans to go to South Korea for a week as well as spending seven weeks in Europe. She’s planning on visiting several countries including the UK, France, Germany, and other nations. Kim Dao will be blogging throughout her journey.Learn more :

During her travels, Kim Dao plans on doing meet-ups with the fans of her videos. She plans on continuing to put up YouTube videos about Japanese makeup and beauty. She has also said she has a bunch of videos she needs to edit from during her time in Japan that she will be eventually posting.Learn more :

Even after Kim Dao eventually moves back to Australia, and into an apartment she has bought with her boyfriend, she plans to continue with her channel. She says she still has plenty of beauty and lifestyle tips that are also particular to Australia. She also wants to show her international viewers the great sites and experiences that Australia offers.Learn more :

Wolfe To Open The Hive For Bumble Users

Bumble is the cutting edge dating app founded by Whitney Wolfe. This app allows only the females to initiate the contact. The goal is to have the females feel more comfortable. Wolfe is taking it one step further again by opening a physical location for the Bumble members to meet and hang out. The Hive will open for a limited engagement in New York as a way for members to meet and hang out.

The app is looking to expand beyond merely dating, which is its original audience. BumbleBIZZ is the new professional and social networking function and where Bumble hopes to retain users who do not want to find a date. The new space, the Hive, will host events for relationships as well as entrepreneurship. For example, Forbes will be hosting a meet and mingle session and Drybar will be holding styling session. During the week, it will be open for people to meet up at the coffee, or real, bar and hang out. While Bumble only plans to keep the space open for a month, there is a possibility for an extension.

Whitney Wolfe understood the problems facing those who wish to date online. As the co-founder of Tinder, she knew the world of online dating may not be a comfortable place for women. In 2014, she launched Bumble, which is an app that only permits women to initiate contact. Currently, Bumble is now starting new extensions to their app BumbleBIZZ, for professional networking and BumbleBFF, for social networking. For her work in the field of technology, she has been recognized as one of the leaders in the industry by both Business Insider and Elle. The dating app has reached more than 11.5 million registered users, making it the fourth most popular dating app. Wolfe continues to look for ways to innovate Bumble and help it to meet the demands of the market.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe:—creating-social-change-on-bumble

George Soros the Political Philanthropist

George Soros is one of the most successful investors in the entire world. The Forbes magazine estimates that the eighty-four-year-old businessman is worth $25.2 Billion. So far, George has given over twelve billion dollars in organizations. The generous funding aids people to enhance the fight for freedom of expression, government accountability, transparency, and societal equality and justice.

Soros gives in support of individuals who have faced discrimination on a first-hand basis. Discrimination occurs mainly on the person’s identity. George experienced discrimination firsthand during his life. Born in Hungary, he was a Hungarian Jew. During the Nazi revolution where the Jews were targeted, his family managed to get fake identity papers for survival. Also, they concealed their Jewish identity. Soros’ family helped other families in hiding their identity.

George Soros asserts that they were hiding from a high force yet they were robust enough to help other people survive. He aids groups supporting discriminated population in the society such as the LGBTI, drug addicts, and commercial sex workers. In 1947, as communist became dominant, Soros left Budapest for London School of Economics. He worked as a part-time waiter and porter at the railways to support his studies. He acquired knowledge in finance and economics that helped him in making investments solutions. Soros fund management launched in 1970 became one of the great investments in the USA history. Read his profile at Forbes.

Open Society Foundations

Using his fortunes, Soros built the open Society Foundations. It is an organization made up of organizations and partners in more than one hundred countries. The concept of Open Society Foundations stems from Karl Popper philosophy. Popper argues that no society is a reflection of the truth. To him, organizations can develop when there is freedom of expression, democratic governance and rights respected.

The whole ideology of Karl Popper is the core of Open Society’s Foundations. In 1979, Soros philanthropic course started through supporting black South Africans affected by the Apartheid rule. Later on, he supported the Communist in the eastern bloc through the supply of photocopiers to reprint banned texts. Following the fall of Berlin wall, he gave in aid of establishing Central Europe University in an effort of opening the Soviet Union to the world.

His philanthropic efforts have spread to help in the creation of democratic societies that are transparent and accountable to the citizens. Soros open society ideals continue to manifest through funding organizations such as the Marijuana users association and backing the commercial sex workers union.

Soros has openly supported same-sex marriages. Also, alongside other attorneys, Soros has helped people who have been unlawfully imprisoned. Thousands of students from marginalized communities benefit from Soros generous funding. Currently, Soros travels in support of the open society foundation ideals. Know more on about George Soros.

Trump Praises Billionaire Philanthropist Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a businessman from Dubai who has made a fortune in the Dubai real estate market. He is well known as an expert when it comes to areas of real estate. His company is called DAMAC Properties. He started out with building hotels in the 1990s, but he later founded DAMAC Properties which became one of the biggest companies in the UAE.

Specifically, they deal with luxury properties and estates. They have a portfolio of over forty four thousand units and they have delivered almost seventeen thousand homes. DAMAC employs over two thousand people and they have shares listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties have a long standing relationship with the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. This relationship dates back to Donald Trump’s career in the real estate sector. They worked together on the Trump International Golf Club. This club brought in over two billion dollars in sales from its rentals of luxury villas.

In fact, Donald Trump praised Hussain Sajwani when they spent and celebrated the New Year together in this year before Trump became president. On New Year’s Eve, he gave a speech before eight hundred people who paid to spend time at his estate in Florida, Mar-A-Lago. There, he praised his partners, and specifically mentioned Hussain Sajwani and Hussain Sajwani’s family.

DAMAC Properties is located in the UAE. It was founded by Hussain Sajwani in 2002. It deals with commercial, residential and luxury properties in Dubai and in the entire UAE.

Hussain Sajwani is also well known as someone who gives a lot of donations to charity. For example, he gave over two million AED to a campaign that was launched to help one million needy children get clothes that they need. His own donation will be enough for fifty thousand needy children to get adequate clothing!

The campaign was launched with the help of the Red Crescent. The head of the Red Crescent specifically thanked Hussain Sajwani for his generous contribution. It was also launched together with the Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai.

Learn more about DAMAC owner:

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Inspires Others Around Him

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is among the most successful entrepreneurs today in Brazil. But no one is surprised about it. This is because he comes from a family that is known for its entrepreneurs. Duda Melzer is the third generation and belongs to the Sirotsky family.

Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho is the grandfather of Duda Melzer. He had founded the RBS Group. Today Duda Melzer is serving as the president as well as chairman of this RBS Group, which is covering the Rio Grande do Sul along with Santa Catarina. Duda Melzer is also the chair of the Board of Directors here.

This is not all. He is the chairman as well as founder of another RBS company which is the e.Bricks Digital. It looks at business development that is specific to the digital sector. It is operational in Brazil along with the United States currently.

At the age of 26, Duda Melzer became a graduate. He has a degree in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). In addition, he has a Master of Business Administration degree in addition to two executive courses that he has done from the Harvard Business School.

He is serving as the director of the Mercosul Biennial which is a contemporary art show that is organized in Porto Alegre. This art show is organized by Camargo Foundation along with e.Bricks Digital besides

Duda Melzer had started his career in North America. This was in 2002 when he worked with Delphi Corporation as their Senior Financial Analyst. This is when he joined BoxTop Media, a media company and became its Director General. In addition, he served the Family Communication Network which is based in the United States.

According to Dino, in 2012 Duda Melzer became the chairman of the RBS group and in 2015 he became the chairman of the board of directors.

You can follow him on Twitter

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The Lung Institute Is Healing by Looking at the Root of the Problem

Chronic illness is something that’s difficult to understand from the outside. People who’ve only had experience with temporary illness can have a lot of sympathy for the symptoms of chronic illness. However, the longer lasting effects are far more difficult to understand. Part of the difficulty in dealing with chronic illness is the simple fact that every moment of one’s life tends to center around the problem. It’s there when looking at the past. It’s obviously a concern in the present. And many people lose hope of finding relief in the future. The most worrying aspect of that situation is that there should always be hope. For example, recent years have produced what’s arguably one of the single biggest advances in treating chronic lung conditions.

The breakthrough comes from the Baylor College of Medicine – Lung Institute. As one might expect from the name, they have a lot of experience working with lung conditions. And this is part of what provided the means to use an innovative new technique. Their method involves the creation and use of stem cells. People have realized the power and potential of stem cells for quite some time now. But it’s only recently that they’ve begun to really bear fruit. One of the factors which has helped the Lung Institute is a delivery mechanism. As experts in lung treatment, they know exactly how the bodies circulatory interacts with the respiratory system. This provided them with what’s essentially a road map of the human body. Most synthetic medicines would have a difficult time making use of those pathways. The human body can detect what’s naturally made within it and what comes from outside. And it usually wants to get rid of anything that wasn’t created locally.

The Lung Institute used a new method by which they could take samples from a patient’s body and create medicinally active stem cells from it. This instantly brings some advantages to the table. One of the biggest is that the material is still considered native to the patient’s body. As such, the patient’s immune system won’t try to impede the medicine. The other advantage stems from that. The medicine is able to use the same transport paths as anything else in the body. By doing so the stem cells can reach any damaged area of the lungs. From there they can begin to really heal up damaged tissue in a way that hasn’t been possible before. It’s the hope that many people with chronic lung conditions have been waiting for. And it’s a sign of hope for anyone dealing with chronic illness. Read the testimonials on to learn more.