Things Are Looking Up For Papa John’s Says Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie still has a great deal of work to do for Papa John’s when it comes to gaining the trust of their customers back. When he became their new Chief Executive Officer at the beginning of the year, he knew that he would have a busy schedule rebranding the company into something better than it has ever been. Fortunately, he knows that he is up for the challenge and will put the work into the company that is needed to reach their goal of gaining trust.

Employees and their needs are being put as one of the top priorities for Steve Ritchie. The “Voices” campaign that Papa John’s introduced earlier this year appears to have already created some progress for the company when it comes to changing the way that their customers view them. While the earnings for Papa John’s may be disappointing, they experienced a 16% loss when compared to last year, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s believe that things are looking up for the company as opinions from their customers are starting to improve. While opinions were largely negative at the beginning of the year, this is starting to transition to neutral and even positive among some.

When Steve Ritchie began his position as CEO, he and others on his team took the time to travel around the country to different locations to find out what employees had to say. They took their voices into account when coming up with a plan to improve the company from the ground up. Not only are they working hard to make their products and service better for the customers whose trust they are trying to gain back, but they are also wanting to improve things for their employees as their team is what makes the company what it is today. It may take some time for Papa John’s to get the trust back that they are seeking, but they are prepared for the challenge and are looking forward to seeing even more results. Steve Ritchie is pleased with what they have seen so far and knows that things will only go up from here. Ritchie wrote an open letter to their customers, read it here.

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