OSI Industries: A Global Leader In Manufacturing Food Products

The OSI Industries is regarded as one of the top performing companies in the United States today. The company started as a small meat shop outside Chicago, established by an immigrant who dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur. A century later, the business is now worth $6 billion, and they operate in 17 countries.

The OSI Industries also opened 50 facilities around the world, employing 20,000 individuals. They are also acquiring small firms, and their vision of the future is to become more influential, especially in food manufacturing and services firm. The company has been designated by Forbes magazine as one of the greatest companies in America, and despite their contributions in the economy, the company chooses to stay low, away from major controversies.

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The OSI Industries is currently headquartered in the city of Aurora, Illinois, and they recently adopted a new regulation which allows foreign workers to become managers and site operators. The company decided to change their regulations so that it will comply with foreign government rules and policies. With locals on the management positions, the facilities owned by the company started to become more competitive, and they are producing more high-quality products that are being exported and delivered to many places around the world. The company is also one of the top suppliers for several business establishments, and the quality of the products they create makes them one of the best choices to buy meat.

The six billion dollar company stated that they would keep on expanding their influence around the globe. They will start by acquiring more food establishments, and keeping their competitors at bay by either buying them or taking away their influence on the local market. The OSI Industries changed the way people look at meat manufacturing companies. Because of the success demonstrated by the company, they have been awarded several recognitions celebrating their success in the industry. The company is currently managed by Sheldon Lavin, who once helped the founder of the company to secure funding and capital for their planned global expansion, as their business partners started to rise and perform overseas.

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