JD.com’s October 1, 2018 Summit.

Jingdong on Oct this year, announced the establishment of a futuristic automation for urban logistics research center in Xiongan. The research center was inspired by the rapid urbanization in China and development of smart cities. JD.com is the world’s leading online retail store that uses high technology; Artificial intelligence and automated drone system in the delivery of products. With this reliance on technology, Jingdong needs a system that supports its endeavors and the creation of smart cities at the same time. The Xiongan institute purpose is to fulfill this two objects while at the same time being environmentally friendly. JD.com plans to create an underground delivery system for faster, accelerated deliveries at the least cost possible.

This announcement was a relief to Tesla Motors’ plan to build a subterranean transport system to reduce traffic jam in China. Tesla Motors was afraid of the acceptance of their advanced technology but with Jingdong company institute, their plans have a better chance. The e-commerce giant has partnered with elites from the universities of Nankai,Beijing Jiaotong, Beijing Wuzi, Shanghai Maritime and institutes of Comprehensive transportation, National development and reform commission, Sionatrans & CSC and Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute. This first objective is to ascertain that the subterranean tracks can be utilized in the development of underground logistics systems. As part of the institute’s agenda is the creation of urban logistics frameworks that maximizes on the resources and urban spaces and maintains a more natural outlook, that is environmentally friendly.

This plan will help preserve a pleasing surface, above ground, that’s will maintain China’s traditional logistics.JD.com started as a brick and mortar magneto-optical retail store, by the name 360buy. The company now offers a variety of product to its rapidly growing market base. Its online system is designed to support its diverse client base and to offer them the best online experience. It has also maintained high quality products and customer services including a versatile payment system. All these factors have made Jingdong the leading e-commerce business and terms of revenue and a member of fortune 500 global. JD.com the leading e commerce business has also increased its market base throughout China and the middle east.

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