Clayton Hudson: The face behind the scenes of Rock N’ Roll.

In today’s music industry originality and thought is something hard to come by especially during live concerts. But when you have a hard working and talented audio engineer such as Clayton Hudson standing behind the artist, then an outstanding show can be achieved. Clayton Hudson works hard to give the artist their specific desires in music, and gives the audience a very unique experience. His journey to entertainment first started from going to school for theater design. It was then, that he worked at some companies that gave that had live entertainment promotions. After 7 years of experience Clayton wanted to create something of his own. He then chose to open his own live entertainment production company. His experience at concerts helped him really understand how the industry works. Hard work and dedication, landed him monumental gigs featuring; Guns n’Roses, Pink, Garbage, and more. Most of his music revolves around Rock N’Roll and has been in the industry for 20 over years. Clayton isn’t slowing down anytime soon, as he currently manages venues for Kid Rock.

Something that Clayton Hutson does to set himself apart from other’s in the music industry is his attention for details. Contributors on the stages such as equipment dimensions are some of the things he pays close attention to. Making sure the equipment can fit through the entrance of the stage for example is something he is keen on figuring out. Clayton also meticulously checks for mistakes. Preparing for each show and making sure everything is set up correctly is something he spends a lot of time on. This eye for detail, as well as his desire to work for long hours, are some of the factors musicians take when choosing his services. His organization is also something that makes him stand out as a stage manger. He plans deliberately, by first reviewing his schedule, then making a list of daily tasks after he has studied the building. During a concert he is telling each crew member what to do and when, keeping the productions smooth from start to finish. Clayton Hudson truly believes in the integrity oh his work, and believe when your name is attached to something, that it needs to be impeccable.

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