OSI group has been making the headlines with expansion plans and winning awards. The company has remained true to their objectives in the retail and food industry. The Aurora, Illinois based company has established their presence in17 countries. Surely, this is part of their strategy to penetrate the global market.

In 2016, OSI organization added a Chicago based facility to their full chain. The facility owned by Tyson foods will drive OSI operations to the top by helping them meet the ever-growing customer needs. Other acquisitions worth mentioning include;

The addition of Flagship Europe

Currently, the facility has been renamed to Creative Foods Europe. Flagship Europe was acquired in 2016 to aid the OSI group to provide food solutions in Europe. Flagship has established their ability to provide frozen poultry, pies and other products to the UK market. Under its wings, is Calder Foods, UK supplier of sauces, dips, mayonnaise, and marinades.

The acquisition brought mutual benefits to both companies. Russell Maddock, Chief executive to Creative Foods Europe, indicated how the OSI group’s resources would contribute to increasing their presence in the marketplace. On the other hand, David McDonald, the Chief operating officer of OSI company pointed out that this acquisition would assist the company to expand its presence in the European market

The acquisition of Baho Food

Baho Food became part of OSI in 2016 as well. David McDonald, who is also the president of the OSI group stated that Baho food aligns with OSI objectives and that OSI had the means to process Baho foods. Besides the increased continent presence, OSI and Baho food will meet the customers’ expectations in terms of quality and demand.

OSI’s network has received an enormous boost as Baho owns Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de bilt, Bakx foods and Vital Convenience. These subsidiary companies have markets in 18 countries which OSI will benefit from for the company’s Growth.

In addition to these acquisitions, OSI has expanded its Toledo, Spain facility by adding a production line. The production line has enabled the facility to process 24000 tons of chicken products a year from 12,000 tons. The new line was purchased in efforts to meet Spain and Portugal’s increased demand for chicken products.

OSI company expansion plans are already being implemented fast, and in doing so, they are also creating employment opportunities. The acquired companies will work coherently with the OSI group to offer what their customers want and increase their market share. OSI is dedicated to penetrating new markets, and Baho foods and Creative Food Europe are a start.

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