Eat Well With The OSI Food Group

Need A Balanced Diet? Choose The OSI Food Group

In a complex food industry, the OSI Industries Food Group has been able to continue to process the industry’s highest standard of food. Each of their clients are being fed an organic diet that’s processed with only the finest ingredients. They’re a great alternative to GMO processed foods. You can get more information on the contents of their food from their official food corp website. Their CEO, David A. McDonald, handles the daily operations at OSI. If you’re trying to feed your family smart, trust an all-natural diet you can afford from the food service leaders.

Food Group Business News

The Dutch food industry is a quiet market, but OSI Industries could appreciate their value and keep a watchful eye on their food industry. More importantly, it wasn’t long before the two would merge. OSI will be responsible for processing their organic food products along with their signature vegetables. They will introduce their organic diet to thousands of new customers. In addition, to this merger, they were also able to secure a deal with the popular Flagship Europe Group. Their international deal with China is celebrating a 20 year anniversary.

Food Group Leaders Give To Charity

How often do food service leaders in the industry generously give to charity? OSI was one of the first to recognize the communities they were feeding needed more than a meal. McDonald, initiated a plan to create jobs around the world. He has successfully been able to create over 7,000 jobs around the globe. Their also the proud recipients of the British Food Council Award for their excellence in the food industry. OSI Industries continues to offer the top hot dogs, frozen meat patties, poultry, dessert, and food condiments in the food network. Located in Aurora, Illinois, they’ll continue to lead the food group industry with organic food. Their international business deal has helped them double their chicken production at OSI Industries. Learn more about their food service team by visiting Wikipedia for more information about OSI.

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