Eric Lefkovsky: Including Philanthropic Work and Foundations


Eric Lefkovsky serves Tempus as both the CEO and co-founder. Lefkovsky established the company in 2015. In the previous three years it was considered one of the top ten health companies for Chicago. Tempus has gained unicorn status after only two years. In March Tempus raised the amount of $80 million. This had brought the full funding at an amount of $210 million. Leftkovsky also wrote a book called “Accelerated Disruption”. Understanding the True Speed of Innovation”. In that book he talks about different vital ideas of startup. It also talks about business development that evolves at the rate of the next transformation of technology.

Eric Lefkovsky has had many different engagements in philanthropy. For example he was the Trustee of a Hospital located in “Lurie Children’s Hospital”. He also trusteed “The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago” and “The Art Institute of Chicago”. In addition he is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Steppenwolf Theater Company.


Eric Lefkovsky has also served many other companies. One example of a company he’s co-founded was a venture fund which invests in businesses of disruptive technology. He has co-founded and chairman of Groupon. This is a worldwide marketplace of e-commerce. He has also co-founded Uptake Technologies. This is a platform that lead’s in predictive analytics. This is for Mediaocean which is a top provider of media procurement technology that’s integrated.

Lefkovsky Family Foundation”.

Eric Lefkovsky along with his wife Liz serve as founders of the “Lefkovsky Family Foundation”. The foundation is a private charitable one that was formed in 2006. The objective of this is to proceed initiative of great impact to improve human life’s quality. This is in the communities served by them. One example of something the Foundation attempts in order to accomplish that undertaking is extending initiatives of culture.

Liz Lefkovsky

Liz Lefkovsky is head social philanthropist with dedication to advocating initiatives improving human life’s quality. She started getting into philanthropy at a young age filling envelopes to help the American Brain Tumor Association. Which her mother established.

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