Infinity Group Australia and Graeme Holm Help Clients Pay Off 30-Year Mortgages in 10!

Joseph Roberts recently published his article “Financial Fitness with Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia” on the Analyst of Finance website. The article reveals the radical philosophy of Infinity Group Australia to help families pay off their mortgage as quickly as possible by providing continual support.


The heart of the company is customer experience. Customer service is one of the highest priorities at Infinity Group Australia. The dedication shows in their recent win of the “Overall Best Organization CX” 2018 award provided by the Customer Experience Management Awards. Many customers enjoy working with the company because it allows them to gain better understandings of their financial situations as well as spending more time with their loved ones without constantly worrying about bills or the finances. The customers also enjoy the friendly and approachable demeanor of the staff. Not only does it allow them to feel at ease, but they feel comfortable asking questions. They recognize that the company does everything they possibly can to help them pay their mortgage back.


The family-oriented philosophy was developed by Holm at the Infinity Group Australia which is also revealed in their philanthropic practices. They have given away cars, home renovations, a mortgage reduction to the likes of $30,000.


Graeme Holm believes that it is important for the clients at Infinity Group Australia to pay more in their first three months with the company than they did the entire previous year with the other companies. With the support and guidance of Infinity Australia Group, clients can achieve the financial fitness. The personal trainer concept developed for Holm because he wanted to provide his customer’s with coaching, not just loans. He believes that with motivation, coaching from the company and the expertise of the employees, the clients can achieve incredible results. The formula helps the families to minimize their expenses while still living a lifestyle they deem comfortable. They can generate wealth, reduce debt and lead happier lives. The philosophy gets results for their clients. Not only does the average client repay their 30-year mortgage in just 7-10 years but in the process, they eliminate $41,000 of debt in the first year.


Holm reveals one of the best success stories the company has is helping one client get a reduction of almost $100,000 in their first year. This was accomplished through dedicated work with the client. They also have a range of clients from athletes, to people purchasing investment properties. Learn more :


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