Chris Burch Shares his Secrets for Successful Entrepreneurship

In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Chris talks about how he climbed the latter of success and shares some of his philosophical foundations about achieving success in the business world. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and a successful investor across multiple industries.

Perhaps his most important point is the one he makes about his style of communication. His advice is this: “I always listen.” He also mentions that one of his more productive habits is that he believes in reading people to the best of his ability. In business, it is important to know who your friends are and who your enemies are. One way to get a good read on a person’s character is to listen, check (

Another interesting fact about Chris Burch is that he puts great emphasis on learning from his mistakes. Chris Burch makes no qualms about the fact that he has experienced a number of failures on the road to success. He describes the process of failure as being followed by a period of grieving or mourning. He does not linger there for long, though, and moves on to the next step. This is a time for reflection, where he reviews the steps he took and then analyzes this information for future reference. This period of reflection then leads him to a state of understanding.

They say some of the happiest people are those who learn from their mistakes. With the light bulb of understanding glowing in the background, clarity develops. It is this clarity that propels him forward and decreases fears of recreating similar mistakes. Mr Chris Burch also states that he never blames others for his misjudgements, and is willing to take full credit for errors he has made.

When asked to describe one strategy that has helped to grow his business, Chris Burch identifies the art of taking risks. In his desire to be ground-breaking in the business world, he feels risks are an absolute necessity. He reports that he is unafraid of taking risks, even though some have produced a fair share of failures. He explains that risk taking is part of the process that has gotten him to his current position, and that successful businessmen must be willing to go with what they think is the best path, even though it may be at times a treacherous one, additional information on

These words are good advice to anyone who is trying to launch a business.

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