Getting A Child Into Modeling and Acting

It is not an easy task to know how to get your children into acting and modeling without having the right team of people helping you out. Most parents go the wrong route and don’t know how to properly get their kids out there in the commercials and movies.


Get Them In The Right Classes


As a parent, definitely work towards finding classes that will work efficiently for your kid. It takes a lot of courage for a child to do well at an audition, and going to a class can help them break out of their shell as fast as possible. Sometimes, being in the right class can help prepare them for those moments when they have to audition, read a script, or do anything out of the ordinary for them. Dance and acting classes are great starting points, and then having them take a class on commercial modeling and eventually walking on the runway are great things to do afterwards.




Once they have experience, it pays off to have them work with an agent. An agent will be the one responsible for seeing what your child could be submitted for. They are the people that companies and casting agents go to and say, “We need a person or child that looks like this for our next campaign.” Their job is to find the right people for that upcoming audition, and if your child fits the criteria, it works out in the end and they can be submitted. The Brown Agency is one of the best in the industry if you live in Austin, Texas. They have such a great amount of talent that genuinely get roles. With more than 500+ people on their roster, you can be sure that hundreds of models and actors rely on this company to get what they need. Check out



The Brown Agency has models who walked for Miami Fashion Week, San Antonio Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, among countless others. They also have numerous divisions to fit who you are and what your kids do. For example, if your kids are more into commercial modeling, they have a division focused on just that. They also have a section specifically for theatrical acting, so once your kids have more experiences they can be submitted for films and TV shows. The Brown Agency is owned by Jason Brown, and he knows what it is like to work in this business since he was once a model. His understanding of how the industry works allows him to better push his talent to be the best that they can be. The Brown Agency can work with your child and guide him or her to be seen by the right people.


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