Sussex Healthcare: A Senior Living Haven

For over 20 years, Sussex Healthcare has rooted itself as the prime care center for both the elderly and other adults who require specialized treatment. It is outstanding that since the inception of the first of its facilities in 1985, there have been more than 20 facilities which work under the firm’s umbrella to date. Moreover, others such as a fully equipped gym and day care facility plus full-care residential houses are now existent under the company.

Able leadership
It is apparent that one of the major reasons for the success of Sussex Healthcare is because of the great leadership of both Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. The two have joint chairmanship and have over the years transformed the firm by bringing on board great skills and backgrounds. The perfect combination of Boghani’s vast experience in hotel management and Sachedina’s background as a dental surgeon has ensured that the company remains steady and vibrant in its field over the years. Notably, their rapport enabled Sussex to become an award-winning adult care network.

State-of-the-art services and facilities
The organization is not only involved in provision of care for elderly patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s but also younger adults who are suffering from neurological disabilities and other key issues. Thus, its facilities cut across individuals with either extensive care needs or more limited needs. The backbone to the provision of such extensive services is the firm’s philosophy which outlines that all individuals in their care ought to have access to continued leisure, recreational and social activities. True evidence of this are the programs offered in all of their facilities which are aimed at encouraging residents to be proactive in their environment. Well, this is achieved through personalized leisure and activity plans depending on the resident’s interests

Skilled personnel and career opportunities
Sussex comprises of highly trained staff who have been key towards the firm’s success. The organization comprises of professional, compassionate and very dedicated caregivers who are apt in service provision. Through continuous staff training in its in-house Training Academy based in its headquarters in Warnham, England, there have been growth in employee skills and effectiveness. Moreover, pension programs, competitive salaries and paid vacations for staff have greatly boosted their morale. There are a variety of career opportunities at the company like care givers, care assistants and even career enhancement opportunities.

Notably, there are several types of care offered at Sussex Healthcare such as palliative care, dementia care, neurological care and Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). Furthermore, it forms Horsham’s (West Sussex) largest provider in dental care and treatments.


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