Adding Value to Investments

Nexbank is a financial services company founded in 1922 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The core services provided by the bank to clients are commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. The bank provides customized services to institutions across the USA.

Nexbank has a history of successfully raising capital. A $20 million capital raise was completed by the company that closed on June 30th 2017. The capital raise was based on the support of the bank’s shareholders. The additional capital is being used by the company to improve financing institutions which is the primary focus of the bank. The bank also has consolidated assets, loans and deposits worth 64billion on the 30th of June 2017. Nexbank also operates Nexbank SSB a flourishing regional bank that contributes to Nexbank. Nexbank SSB is rich in capital and stands on a strong financial position.

Nexbank also offers employees a comfortable working environment. The management is always connected with every employee to ensure that they are up to date with the vision of the company and what is expected of them. They offer diverse tasks for employees so that their job throws up new challenges. Employees are highly paid and receive a good salary and compensation package.

The Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) has rated Nexbank as a company with a stable outlook. They based their rating on the strong liquidity profile, earnings and capital levels. The services provided by Nexbank to institutional clients have helped them reach new heights in their core competency.

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