Doe Deere Brings Excitement to Cosmetics

Doe Deere is holding up a very interesting light to the cosmetics world. With vegan and cruelty free cosmetics she is sounding an alarm that most people may have never realized there was a need to sound. It is interesting because she has become such a huge force in the cosmetics world. People see her, and they look at the bright colors that are associated with this brand and they cannot help but to pay attention. This is definitely what she had in mind, because with so many companies if you do not stand out you do not survive. This is what Doe Deere may have learned early on when she tried to get into the clothing industry.

She had a desire and a will to open up an online clothing store by way of eBay. Lime Crime is actually what she had in mind for her clothing business. The clothing business did not work out for her, but she still had a desire to use the Lime Crime name. She thought that it was a cool name, and she loves the color lime green so it seemed like a natural fit for her to parlay this into something in the cosmetics world.

She decided to get the Lime Crime name registered before she went into the cosmetics business and the rest is history for this brand of lipstick, nails, hair dye and eyeliner products.

People are totally impressed with all that Doe Deere has managed to bring into the cosmetics world. She is definitely someone that knows how to give people something that is new and exciting. This makes her one of the more popular people in the world of cosmetics. Her story is unique, and the way that she markets to consumers is just as unique. All of this gives her what others may not be able to obtain. That is essentially the reason why people look to Doe Deere as the savior of the cosmetics world. She took an industry that was somewhat boring and turned everything upside down.

She provided a fresh face, and this is something that the cosmetics industry needed. She has been as open about her love for animals and her desire to stop animal testing with cosmetics as she has been about her favorite makeup memories.

Doe Deere has stated that she became familiar and even more fun to make up when she attended a slumber party. This is where a seed was planted in the mind of the entrepreneur that would become the founder of Lime Crime. She found cosmetics intriguing, and she wanted to know what she could do to spice things up. She has always been very energetic about cosmetics, and it appears that she is capitalizing on building a very unique brand.

It is just a matter of time before more people find out about this company. There are already a million users that are connected to Lime Crime, and it appears to be gaining even more fans.


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