Securus Technologies fights high-tech threats with high-tech solutions

The United States economy has benefited enormously from the widespread proliferation of technology over the past 50 years. The revolutions in computation and the proliferation of personal communications devices has created the highest living standards in human history. New technologies continue to find uses in industries of all kinds, from fast food to agriculture.


Rapidly evolving technology has even revolutionized the U.S. prison system. Mostly gone are the old prisons where guards had to manually unlock cell doors with keys and where the only way to ensure order was with catwalks patrolled by guards armed with high-powered rifles. In their place have risen up new high-tech prisons. These next-generation carceral facilities have computer-controlled doors, making it possible for a single guard to effectively maintain control over hundreds of inmates. At the same time, things like the distribution of medication have been largely automated, reducing the liabilities to jails and prisons that come with the potential for fatal mistakes.


Inmates are also able to use technology within prison. Systems like Securus Technologies’ video visitation platform have enabled inmates to stay in face-to-face contact with loved ones on the outside with frequency that was never before dreamed of by inmates. Some inmates can also gain computer privileges, allowing them to access educational resources. All of these things have made the nation’s prison population less violent and more compliant, leading to a sharp reduction in riots and other violent safety risks overall.


But one area where technological development has not been positive is in the proliferation of illegal cellphones throughout the nation’s prisons. The introduction of extremely small and cheap cellphones in the early 2000s led to a flooding of the nation’s prisons with these devices. Soon, cellphones fell into the hands of dangerous prisons gangs, whose leadership used them to intimidate witnesses, order hits on rival gang members and even to assassinate prison staff.


The problem of contraband cellphones only got worse as the 2000s progressed. Prison gang leaders were increasingly able to effectively nullify their incarceration, communicating with soldiers on the outside and carrying out criminal activity as if they were walking free on the streets.


In response to the serious threat posed by contraband cellphones, Securus Technologies, one of the most prominent prison security companies in America, devised a system to help prisons shut down the use of illegal cellphones for good. Known as the Wireless Containment System, the device is able to completely block all illegal cellular calls originating from anywhere within its programmed operating radius. This completely removes the ability of gangs to use contraband phones for nefarious ends.


The Wireless Containment System is just one way that Securus is using high-tech solutions to fight high-tech threats, making America’s prisons safer in the process.

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