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Mathematics is a subject that challenges many students in high schools, universities and colleges. The truth of the matter is that the attitude most of us form when it comes to mathematics puts our abilities in an enclosed box, which means the fear of calculations overcomes our potential and we are not able to perform well enough.

Whoever overcomes the fear of mathematics will tell you that it is the most interesting subject or course. Michael Lacey can give a clear testimony about it.

Michael Lacey was born on the 26th September 1959 and resides in America. Like everyone else in school, Michael had interest in excelling in mathematics and not despairing in his walk-in mathematics, the fruits of his efforts can be seen through his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana.

Lacey is an expert in every concept that calls for knowledge in mathematics, starting from logarithm, empirical functions, probability, ergodic theory, and even harmonic analysis.

Michael has worked in several institutions most of them being universities where he has delivered to his capacity, consequently making gentlemen and ladies of substance. Michael has received several awards for being the best researcher in mathematics.

Lacey is also a trainer and his efforts in training produce the best trainees. He has also given relentless support to undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs in their projects and has emerged the best in every field.

The projects he supervises become the best hence giving the trainees an added advantage in the job market.

Lacey will never enjoy students’ failure but would rather see to it that every student who passes through his hands makes a good future. His dream is to see mathematics being appreciated by every country because it is a core subject that we apply in almost all aspects of our life.

He acknowledges education as the backbone of success and endeavours to see every student is provided with the proper education for his or her life. Lacey is also a mentor and enjoys shaping ideas and persona of the young people.

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