The Outstanding Plastic Surgery Results of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Have you heard of the incredible board-certified plastic surgeon of Dallas, Texas, Dr. Sam Jejurikar? His results from face, eye, nose, breast and body surgery has been phenomenal and his patients have been extremely proud to have used the services of Dr. Sam Jejurikar and he continues to make his patients smile again and again.


His approach with innovative cosmetic surgery is next to none. He patiently and specifically pin-points a patients deepest aesthetic desires to ensure perfection. He gets to know the patient, laugh a little and understands them personally, as plastic surgeries are life changing occurences that can stick with patients for the rest of their lives and to misinterpret the wants or needs of a patient can be devastating. Sam Jejurikar possesses the right skill-set to reveal the perfect solution for a patient’s cosmetic enhancement and capitalizes on it time after time again.


Many patients of Dr. Jejurikar have been completely satisfied with their newly youthful appearance made possible by Dr. Jejurikar. Many patients come into Dr. Jejurikar’s office with a more elderly appearance, as age catches up with everyone, and when they leave his office they end up looking many years younger with a new smile of satisfaction creating a glow of admiration. The key to his amazing results is his diligent approach to details of his work that comes to the light in phenomenal ways that the public is positively responsive to.

Besides helping those who are his patients, he is a supporter of the impoverished, not only of those nationally, but internationally as well. He takes an annual trip to Bangladesh and helps poor children through an organization called, “Smile Bangladesh”.


If you or someone you care about is looking for a reliable and trustworthy plastic surgeon in the Dallas, Texas area, considering the drive to come out and visit Dr. Sam Jejurikar is definitely a right choice make. Set an appointment today and surely you would be one happy camper. Call his office today at (214) – 827 – 2814. Until then, just know that in your grasp is the opportunity to receive the better plastic surgery results in the Dallas, Texas area. Call today.


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