Samuel Strauch, Principal And Founder Of Metrik Holdings

Samuel Strauch is principal and founder of Metrik Holdings, a realtor dealing in acquisition, development, and investment of properties.

Samuel Strauch is a believer in creating a productive work environment. Samuel has traveled to more than 25 states and other countries to speak about how important a good work environment for a growing business.

Samuel has a firm belief that a team member individual goals should be just as important to the business as it is to that team member. By assisting the member in its individual goals, Samuel believes that this is one key points for a team member continued longevity.

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A environment that is growth friendly is the only kind of work environment a business should have. Samuel Stratch believes that you absolutely have to have a work environment in which goals are freely discussed and their managers and owners of the business cultivate that team members goals to bring success and continued profit for the business and the team member.

Samuel Strauch believes you have got to have a work atmosphere that encourages team members to give back. By having charities for your team members to participate in you teach your employees to give back and in the process the relationship and communication with each other as team members will improve.

Samuel Strauch is an avid art collector and enjoys photography. Samuel started Metrik Real Estate in 2002. Before founding his real estate firm, he completed his college studies at Harvard University where his primary interests was in real estate and finance studies.

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