Madison Street Capital

November 2017, Madison Street Capital was announced by M&A advisor as its 16th Annual M&A Advisor Award winner at its Awards Gala at the Metropolitan Club in New York. Madison received the award for its financial counsel on the transaction for WLR Automotive Debt Financing Deal. The company was chosen as the winner from 650 and above other participants to be honored. Madison Street Capital signifies the best in the M&A sector and got the honors by its best performance in a group of very remarkable candidates.

According to the M&A Advisor’s Co-CEO and President David Fergusson, it was a big delight to identify Madison Street Capital and present to them, M&A Advisor’s utmost honor for M&A professionals and firms. Charles Botchway, CEO Madison Street Capital, said it was an honor to be the receiver of such an award for the year in debt financing class. Madison Street Capital also became the finalist boutique Investment Banking Company of the year. Barry Petersen, Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director, applauded WLR Automotive and the company’s team on the deal.

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking organization which is privately owned. The company is devoted to excellence, integrity, good service and leadership in delivering business financial counsel services. Madison Street Capital has its main offices in Chicago IL. The company has been in service for 13 years. The financial counsel offered by the company covers acquisition and merger expertise, evaluation of services, financial opinions, and private equity. In addition to this, the company’s services cover advisory investment banks, venture capital services, corporate tax planning to privately and publicly owned companies. These services that Madison Street Capital offer helps their clients to be successful in the international market arena. By being responsible for every single new project, the objective and goals of the client are owned by the company. These vary from fiscal counsel as well as successful capital raised toward M&A dealings to shift of ownership.

According to Madison Street Capital, the emerging markets are the major components motivating the international growth of its clients. Besides, the company continues to center its attention on important assets on the emerging markets. The company has earned its clients’ trust across the world through its unchanging devotion to the uppermost point of professional standards. Madison Street Capital is also committed to building communities around them. The company has a great commitment toward its clients’ needs as well as philanthropic efforts to support organizations such as the United Way. Madison Street Capital is working thoroughly to bring about a difference in global and local communities. The company’s team of professionals’ posses outstanding experience, knowledge and widespread relationships. These experiences have made the company one of the world’s first middle market investment banking companies.

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