Securus Technologies, GovPayNet Acquisition

According to the Better Business Bureau, Securus Technologies has an A+ rating. Securus Technologies provides inmate communications, tracking parolees, and government knowledge. It has 501-1000 employees, as well as 2,600 correctional facilities in 45 states. Securus Technologies maintains 1,000,000 inmates nationwide. Securus Technologies provides complete innovation with their technical solutions. Securus Technologies believes in perceptive customer service where the focus is corrections and law enforcement communities. Headquarters can be found in Dallas, Texas as well as one in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus believes in connecting people. Securus uses Connect Us as part of their communication services through specific agencies, with requests such as texts or email messages, requesting services.


Inmates need prepaid debit phone accounts, requesting video visitation, and a commissary account. Securus has acquired Jpay as of April 14th, 2015, which has provided electronic payments, email and other forms of entertainment to inmates. Jpay has merged with Securus to provide high tech communication as JPay is from Miramar, Florida, and is the lead provider of inmate payments, email, and tablet products. JPay provides a digital platform including tablets, kiosks, inmate cloud, email, music, books, game, and shopping.


Securus is one of the more trusted inmate communications companies. We value honest advertising to an established standard. We tell the truth about our products, and services, establishing clear and adequate teaching about all materials. We are transparent about the ownership of our business even while we honor promises and are responsive. We believe in safeguarding privacy as we embody integrity for all our commitments.


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