Bob Reina Lunches New Talk Fusion Software Featuring WebRTC Technology

Recently Talk Fusion launched a new and improved edition of Live Meetings. The technology is designed to facilitate real-time communication among users. This came through as a result of an upgrade of the interface as well as utilization of the WebTRC system. Bob Reina, the Founder of Talk Fusion, revealed the news of the latest version in a recent online broadcast.


Product Functionality


Live Meeting is a great advancement in video-conferencing technology. It enables people to hold virtual meetings from across different destinations. It offers a perfect platform where people can make presentations as well as office meetings. What distinguishes the application from the rest is that it supports up to 500 participants and 15 hosts. People teleconferencing from other destination can easily connect either through smartphones, PCs or tablets.


Major Updates


The most noticeable thing about the new version is the new software which contains recording technology which doesn’t necessarily need separate downloads. Any user can access it via a web browser. There’s a lot to talk about this new version. First of all, it doesn’t require users to install Adobe Flash Player. Besides, it improves compatibility and boosts convenience. Talk Fusion has in the recent years been able to enjoy a competitive business advantage because of its use of sophisticated technology. It has been on the frontline when it comes to software development as well.


The company has been in developing new software and applications to make business operation and interaction among people seamless. Recently Talk Fusion introduced a program known as Talk Fusion University. The program provides the company’s partners great online training that makes it easy to sell products. It has vivid instructions on how to operate the system as well as inspirational videos. Learn more:


Talk Fusion CEO & Founder, Bob Reina


Bob Reina went to college in Florida besides serving as a police officer for several years. He is not new to entrepreneurship, at a young age; he used to sell products to earn extra income regarding commission. He quit the police service and started network marketing after realizing that he had great selling skills. He conceived the Talk Fusion idea in 2004 and shortly with the help of his friend Jonathan Chen launched his Video Emailing service which turned out to be his first product. He has since then been inventing new products and improving the existing ones. Bob Reina besides being an entrepreneur also engages in several philanthropic activities.

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