OSI Group & Its Foodservice Revolution

Supermarkets, companies, grocery stores, schools and other retailors receive their food products from food providers. Yes, there are some private retailors that product their own foods, but the majority of companies don’t have their very own production farms. OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, is rewriting the books on how to successfully do business in the modern-era. This company extends back for over a century, and it has the experience and expertise to go for another century. Some of its previous locations were located in the Chicagoland area’s of Maywood and Oak Park. OSI Group actually went by the name of Otto & Sons, and it was founded by a guy named Otto Kolschowki. Can you see the connection? Otto & Sons did a wonderful job with supplying the region with fresh tasting meats. This is what helped the small company grow into what it is today.

As of today, OSI Group is one of the most profitable companies in the U.S. It is also one of the largest private companies in the U.S. Whether it’s for distribution, management, processing or development, this company can do it all, which is why it stands out amongst a sea of competitors. There are well-over 20,000 employees that earn a good living and the company’s facilities are located all over the globe. Food safety and quality assurance is another area that OSI specializes in. You’ll find some of the most stringent safety tests here. This is in place to ensure the public that the foods are 100 percent safe to consume. OSI Group offers:

The company is so success to where it’s in a class of its own. Its services are reaching every corner of the earth. These are 65 technologically-advanced facilities that are located in Germany, Hungary, China, India, Austria, Australia, Poland, Brazil and Taiwan. What more could you ask for? In conclusion, OSI Group has made a name for itself, and it has achieved this via hard work, dedication, perseverance and ingenuity. OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe

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