Betsy DeVos Changes the World for Generations to Come

The young girls of today’s age are being led astray by false mentors and false role models who say they want to help them but in reality, are teaching them vice and sin. These role models, who are often pop stars and celebrity actresses, teach our young girls that is okay to be sexually promiscuous, as well as vengeful and full of malice and gossip. Of course, seeing this on social media, our young girls gobble it up thinking this is the way they are to live life. Unfortunately, many of them discover far too late how detrimental these vices are in life. I propose instead of looking at these pop stars, those young girls begin to look at the life of Betsy DeVos and see the lessons that she can teach them.


In an age where it is considered evil to start well in life, Betsy DeVos reminds us why it is important to lay a solid foundation. Betsy DeVos attended both the Holland Christian High School and Calvin College. Rather than being ashamed of this, she speaks about how this instilled the passion for education into her heart.


Betsy DeVos could also teach us why it is important that we proclaim our beliefs and values to the world. The reality is somebody’s worldview, in the end, is going to win. If that is true, and I believe it is, then it should at least be our worldview. Betsy DeVos has committed her life to various super PACs as well as political office to promote her views. All this hard work paid off when she was nominated to serve in the Trump Administration as the Secretary of Education, a role that she has served in very well.


In an age where it is considered good to be greedy, Betsy DeVos can teach us why we all should be generous. She partnered with her husband dick DeVos, and they started a wonderful organization known as The Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation. This Foundation exists to strengthen our country by empowering the virtues of people that encourage a strong civilization. Using Christian virtues and the Greek mindset as their Foundation, they advocate for justice, community, arts, and education. Through this Foundation, DeVos has not only equipped and trained the younger generation, but she has donated 139 million dollars to other organizations who teach the same values. This has put her and her husband on Forbes list of most influential donors in America.


Many young girls will never be able to meet Betsy DeVos personally; however, they would all be wise to take time and study her life, learn the lessons she can teach, and implement them into their daily living.


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