Life Achievements of Entrepreneur Josh Smith

Josh Smith, CEO of Modular Houses in conjunction with Great Full Garden Café recently donated a new greenhouse to students of High Desert Montessori in Reno,Nevada. Modular Greenhouses being a local startup targets having a greenhouse in every Washoe county school by the year 2020. Smith was very excited that students of High Desert Montessori in Reno, Nevada, were going to learn how to plant food and be involved in their wellness and sustainability. Money was also given for the students to purchase seeds, planters, and soil.
Great Full Garden Café was very excited and hoped that soon they were going to purchase food grown in the greenhouse and serve in their restaurant. Students of High Desert Montessori in Reno, Nevada, were very excited to see the number of plants that can grow their new greenhouse.

Mr. Smith is very committed to giving individuals the ability to grow their own produce in any environment. To reach this goal he developed and founded Modular Greenhouses. Due to the company’s success, Smith was able to donate a greenhouse to the High Desert Montessori School and plans to do the same at other schools and garden programs to schools around the US.

Smith has been an entrepreneur for the past 17 years and has launched many successful startups during that time. He believes that it’s important for children to learn how to grow their own fresh food and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. In a recent interview he also remarked that his biggest challenges in business were joining projects where he didn’t feel comfortable with the other partners. He also advises people to consider becoming entrepreneurs and also mentors them through speeches. Smith argues to have gotten his skills from his father who also taught him to remain cool an aspect that assists him in negotiations.

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