Why Securus Technologies is the Leader in Inmate Security Technologies

Securus Technologies is the industry leader in providing criminal justice tech solutions for correctional facilities and prisons, as well as ones that help with criminal investigation and contribute to public safety. Their technology is a testament to how technology can be utilized to keep our prison systems safe and prevent inmates from committing crimes while they are in prison. These technology solutions not only prevent inmates from preventing crimes that happen on the outside but control potential inmate on inmate crime within prisons or correctional institutions.


Securus is led by Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith, who has been with the company for many years. He is known in the industry as an innovator and for being ahead of the curve when it comes to utilizing technology to keep our prison system safe. In fact, he was quoted in an article stating that on average, each week they develop a new technology that helps keep our prison systems and law enforcement officers safe.


The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and employs over a thousand people between its main office and its regional offices across the country. To date, they have invested over $600 million in technology to keep our prison systems safe by utilizing technology.


Among their technologies is the Cell Defender technology that keeps contraband cell phones from connecting to wireless networks where the inmate could do a great amount of harm.


Securus Technologies not only provides the latest and greatest in inmate security technology but they also are known for exemplary customer service. Testimonials from real clients showcased how great Securus’s customer service was, as well as how well their technology works. For example, one client wrote in and explained how Securus helped a Sheriff’s Department recover over a million dollars worth of drugs and stolen cash. Another testimonial stated how cell phone monitoring helped the prison uncover a ring of inmates selling drugs and alcohol.


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