A Field Trip To France With The Traveling Vineyard

For wine enthusiasts, there are many ways to taste numerous flavors and savoring the age old taste that we all love. They could buy different flavors from their local wine store, or from the most available Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide.

However, a more exciting way to taste the different types of wine is arguably by traveling the French countryside and getting together with friends. France is known the world over as a prime wine producing country, and many people flock it every year just to visit the various vineyards that its known for. The best known of all the wine brands in France open their vineyards to the public at specified times. This would be an exciting trip for the real wine enthusiast.

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Should you ever decide to take such a journey, some wine routes are a must visit. The first of these is Champagne wine route. This route would take you through this wine route is quite close to Paris, and one does not have to travel long distances to experience this road. Some of the most favorite vineyards among visitors are Champagne Aspasie, Champagne Tribaut, and Champagne Fallet Dart. The Alsace route provides picturesque views and sites that excite the first time visitor. It is best to visit this way close to the end of October when many wine festivals are carried out. The Burgundy route is a significant route covering five regions in France. It provides the exquisite wine experience as well as a view of the French countryside better than any of the other wine routes. Bordeaux in Southwest France is the convergence point for six different wine routes. And finally, in Provence, you will be treated to many different wine tastes from many different regions.

Based in Ipswich in Massachusetts, Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling wine company that allows in-home wine tasting for its special members. It was founded in 2001 and acquired nine years later in 2010 by Rick Libby and then proceeded to restructure it. Registered under the Direct Sellers’ Association, the company is held to high ethical standards and is a trusted wine dealer and source of information on wine.

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