Securus Technologies Helping Solve Cold Cases

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in law enforcement is dealing with cases that run cold. Just because all the leads have dried up and no one is talking about the case any longer does not mean there are not people who are suffering and waiting for closure. A cold case landed on my desk, and the suspect seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth after committing a violent crime on a young lady and escaped from the local correctional facility.


One thing that I have learned in my many years in law enforcement is that these criminals always come back to their home territory in time because they feel safe in those surroundings despite being on every officer’s radar. This case was no exception as I was notified the suspect was in fact under an assumed name and back to his life of crime. Before anyone else was hurt, I needed to find this suspect and get him back to the prison.


When I was at the jail talking with inmates and officers, I was informed Securus Technologies was on site installing an inmate telephone call monitoring system. The system included LBS software that could do the work of many officers more accurately. Securus Technologies is a very well-known name in jails, having been installed in over two thousand prisons and their CEO Rick Smith having only one objective, making this world safe for all.


I decided to try to use the monitoring system to find my suspect, when we picked up chatter between an inmate who was irate with his family and yelling on the phone that our suspect owed him money for letting him stay at his brother’s house. This was a lead we never would have uncovered without the help of Securus Technologies, and we had our suspect hours later.


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