David Giertz – President of NFS Distributors Inc from Dublin, Ohio

David Giertz is a widely acclaimed and respected senior financial executive in the United States and holds the designation of President of NFS Distributors Inc. The NFS Distributors is the arm of the parent firm Nationwide Financial Services and aims to market and sell the wide variety of financial products of the company. David Giertz has helped the firm to achieve remarkable success under his leadership and even helped in pushing the sales of the company from $11 Billion marks to nearly $18 Billion mark, which is a feat that had the corporate circle pouring praise on him from all over. David Giertz is a smart businessman with a vision for the future, and the best part about him is that he continues to study the market to understand the market trends and customers’ need.

David Giertz believes in profitability and he achieves so by streamlining the business processes and integrating innovation in every step of the way, in whichever way possible. It helps in modernizing the businesses and passing on the benefits to the end users, who in turn pass on their business to the company on ideamensch.com. David Giertz has a record of providing immense growth in whichever organization he has joined, starting from Financial Institutions Bank Channel, where he helped in growing the revenue from $1.5 Billion to a whopping $8 Billion.

Such a massive turnover is achieved by David Giertz by analyzing the market trends and then correlating the customers with what the company has to offer. It helps in understanding what the consumer’s needs, and once the company understands the market on Facebook, it becomes easier to devise as well as provide customers with products that almost seems like are customized for them. It helps in enhancing sales as well as creates brand awareness in the long-term.

David Giertz is also a certified business coach with WABC and achieved a high score. Till date, David Giertz has certified more than 100 business leaders as coaches, which has helped in introducing the culture of business coaches in the corporate circle. It helps in keeping the executives polished with the updated market and business strategies and providing them with the new age techniques of how to become more efficient and improve performance at https://soundcloud.com/davidgiertz.

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