Kim Dao in a Capsule Hotel

In her video, “Capsule Hotel in Japan Experience,” Kim Dao visits the Akihabara Bay Hotel in Tokyo, Japan and shares what is like to spend a day with only about 10,000 yen (roughly one hundred US dollars). Kim gives a tour through the unique, clean, and female-only capsule hotel, giving a rundown on how it all works ( After checking in for only 3,800 yen a night, Kim gets her stuff in a personal locker, checks out the clean showers, an area to get work done or chill out, and the small, but sufficient capsule to sleep in. The well-stocked hotel also provides other free amenities such as pajamas, curling irons, a shower tote with towels, and plenty of useful toiletries.Learn more :


They find retro and classic video games, play a bit of Mario, and buy some cute Pokemon goods to take home. Kim and Emma hit the arcade next, where they play Dance Dance Revolution and get bested by one of those pesky claw machines. With about 1,300 yen left, they grab some Pokemon-shaped taiyaki on the street, and challenge themselves to eat fifty chicken nuggets for dinner. After the eventful day, Kim and Emma head back to the hotel, get their skincare routine done, and turn out the lights in their tiny capsules.Learn more :


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