Brazilian Film Director and Businessman Roberto Santiago

Born in 1968, Roberto Santiago is a well-known investor, but he also writes youth and children’s fiction. He has over the time done screenwriting for television plays. He serves as a reference at Paraiba, qualified and fit for the job because he is updated and innovative in filming.

On the business side, he is very prosperous and has made an outstanding performance. His investment, Manaira Shopping Complex is a good story to tell as one of the Paraiba’s vision. The complex has had a lot of transformations which have in the long run re-formed the Manaira with great extensions in the spaces. It is the leading shopping complex in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Manaira has leisure outlets that give fun fares and activities that entertain guests. In 2014, they had a big launch that added the complex’s attractiveness. The Northeast now has modern beaches giving a perfect sundowner. Visit for more info.

Roberto Santiago has come up with his empire and located it strategically in the middle of the beaches of the North Coast City of Joao Pessoa. Manaira has 280 outlets and stores that cover 75,000 square meters. The complex is in an adaptable he wanted to satisfy the client needs of a one-stop shopping area. He targeted all ages as a family so that parents could have a good day when they spend time with children.

If one does not feel like going to the movies, he/she can visit the complex and get exciting things to do. There are 11 furnished rooms with the latest display screens. They have 3D rooms, VIP rooms, and Stadium Systems well arranged. Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping is perfect for people who love bowling. The slopes there are electronic with the latest versions.

Electronic gaming fans are provided with the facilities that are over 200 with games of different kinds that will suit all ages. Food courts are available, and families can dine happily in the restaurants and outlets. They have hamburgers and soft drinks. In Espaco Gournet, classy chefs are cooking.

Prominent universities have their branches there with their theaters giving shows that bring fans around. The town is very sensible and adaptable to change and technology, that he why he focused on opening the complex there. The neighborhood and residents are friendly and very active as they go by their daily lives.

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Mangadeira and Manaira Shopping have the state of the art technology, laser reference, and entertainment. The surrounding buildings there have a good positioning and plan for the land undulation. A lot of companies have come there because Roberto Santiago courageously pioneered the establishment of big businesses there. Investors see opportunities in the town, and so they have shown their interests. Profits, Jobs and the best services are provided for the natives there.

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