Securus Technologies Sets Yet Another precedent By Being the First Tech Company to Publicize Its Reviews

After Securus Technologies’ impressive record in the provision of technological products to correctional facilities, the company now sits comfortably as the top tech company in the industry. The company has designed and supplied many products that have gone a long way in arresting the headache of traditional crime cases between inmates in the American correctional facilities. According to the firm’s CEO and Chair, Mr. Richard A. Rick Smith, Securus innovates a new security product for its clients in the correctional industry on almost a weekly basis. For this reason, the firm has earned a lot of admiration and praise from all quarters.


Securus Tech gets positive reviews from its clients on a regular basis. Those in a position to send in emails, letters, and other channels always send them to the company just to express their satisfaction with the products. In October last year, the company published some of these emails and letters. In an even bolder move, the company invited its competitors and potential clients to read and comment on the messages. This article highlights some of the most pronounced comments that were published by Securus.


Clients’ Comments


One client wrote to thank Securus Technologies for its loyalty for over a decade. He thanked the company for showing commitment to securing the American incarceration facilities. A different client noted that the Securus’ vision synchronized well with his organization’s long-term strategy. He said that it was encouraging to see a tech firm that was committed to revolutionizing the criminal investigations process.


Several prison officials had written purposely to thank Securus Tech for helping them pounce on potential hardcore prisoners and their dealing, eventually cutting them down to size. Different clients mentioned one product called LBS service severally for the immense support it accords them. One client termed the product as the future of technology in the industry

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