Sawyer Howitt: An Emerging Star

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Sawyer Howitt is am emerging star in the world of Racquetball. While Racquetball often takes a backseat to other racquet based sports such as a Tennis and Ping-Pong, the sport has breakout potential. Like similar other sports, all that Racquetball has lacked in order to breakout is star power. The Racquetball Club’s Sawyer Howitt is the breakout star that Racquetball has been waiting for and needs to garner mainstream attention.

While the majority of Howitt’s experience has been in the Oregon State High School Ranks, Howitt has all the qualities necessary, not to mention the talent and skill to be highly successful in the sport of Racquetball. In the months and years to come it will be interesting to see where Racquetball takes Sawyer Howitt and not to be outdone where Sawyer Howitt takes the sport of Racquetball. While the pressure to revolutionize a sport is a heady task for one who has recently graduated from High School, Sawyer Howitt is up to the task.


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