The Traveling Wine Is A Sure Way To The Most Fulfilling Career

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company founded in 2001. The company is a division of Geerlings & Wade and deals with over 21 different selections of wine. The company as well sells accessories such as decanters, openers, and chillers.

They largely utilize the social media for displaying their products as well as documenting news on the happenings of the company. Due to the appealing nature of the work, the Traveling Vineyard has marked drastic growth, recording over 1000 wine guides spread in 40 states and more.

How it works

Traveling Vineyard signs up wine guides at the beginning of the year for a fee. The fee caters for two tasting sets and a success starter kit that comprises of all the necessary accessories needed to get one started. The wine guides make sales by participating in home tasting parties, wine clubs, and selling online. The wine guides are also allowed to recruit other interested individuals where they earn a bonus for every person signed up. The Traveling Vineyard compensates the wine guides on a commission basis depending on the sales made.

Benefits and Rewards

After signing up, wine guides are given a free personal estate website for three months to utilize on online sales. Traveling Vineyard awards top performance with free vacations, electric openers, and cash refunds. The wine guides and consultants also enjoy moving up the ladder to higher categories as well as large discounts for achieving target sales. Traveling Vineyard gives one an opportunity to engage in a business that is highly rewarding, considering that wine is consumable and the demand is high. Therefore, wine guides expect high returns. The business is flexible enough to allow individuals to work at their convenient time, determine their pay, promotions, and position in the company, as well as control their career path and destiny.

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