Securus Technologies – Building Better Technologies to Modernize Incarceration Experience

The crime prevention and correctional sector are overcrowded, and many companies are trying to level it out with each other to emerge as the leader. However, one of the companies that have showcased its commitment to the crime prevention as well as a correctional industry from the time it started its operations in 1986 is Securus Technologies. The company has made its way to the top in the industry in a very short period due to the amount of contribution it has made to the said sector.


The lives of inmates have changed drastically through the products and services offered by Securus Technologies. It makes it easier for the inmates to connect with their loved ones back home, and that too without spending a fortune. Previously, services like talking over the phone were much expensive for the inmates, but Securus Technologies has helped in considerably decreasing the prices. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says that the company is focused on bringing the costs of inmate communications services down even further in the future.


He has also invited the customers and investors in the company, existing and potential, to visit the highly advanced and futuristic Technology Center of Securus Technologies in Dallas, Texas. Rick Smith believes that the people should know the contributions being made by the company to the sector and how well its innovation and research and development activities are going. It would help in building a better image of the enterprise and ensuring that the products and services of the company are used by more people and correctional agencies.


As of now, more than 2,400 correctional agencies rely on Securus Technologies for its products and services. More than 1.2 million prisoners in various penal institutions across the United States, Canada, and the District of Columbia, uses the inmate communications services offered by Securus Technologies.

Jeremy Goldstein – Highly Valuable Lawyer in New York

If you live in New York, and are looking for a lawyer for legal issues that arise at inconvenient times, you will now have access to a 24/7 service through an online portal. The program also offers a hot line that you can call if you don’t have internet access. The lawyers that are offered through the service have years of experience handling custody battle issues, tenant or landlord problems and other criminal matters. The program was launched by the New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) organization. Through years of research and collected data, they have found that many people in the area would benefit from the 24/7 services. The website to submit a legal request or find more information is They understand that many individuals need attorney’s at times of high stress and are happy to be able to help the community out with highly credentialed lawyers.


The services provided are completely confidential, and all attorneys are in good legal standing. If an individual finds that services are needed, they would need to visit the online address and fill out a secure questionnaire with details of their legal issue. The form would then be submitted to a team of staff that would review the form in great detail, and forward it on to the most appropriate attorney available within the closest county of the client. After the consultation, the client has the option to go through with the attorney’s advice or they can choose other options.


One of the most trusted lawyer’s in the area is happy to be on board with the new legal process happening in New York. His name is Jeremy Goldstein, and he is currently the owner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. His firm conducts legal business matters that pertain to compensation committee legal issues and CEO legal problems. They also handle many other legal issues that pertain to corporate transactions. Prior to owning his own firm, he worked for some of the largest legal firms in New York, where he gained his experience. He also works with many different types of organizations in the community and is a member of many professional boards. He graduated from New York University School of Law with his J.D. He also has his M.A. from the University of Chicago and is B.A. from Cornell University. His years of experience will be a huge asset to the new online portal.


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The aspiration of Boraie fulfilled in Aspire

The Boraie Development LLC has opened a new building in New Brunswick, the building is known as Aspire. Aspire is a 17 story prestigious building with great apartments that are located desirably. The building makes it easy for its tenants to access train transport from Manhattan to Philadelphia with a lot of ease. Aspire appeals to many due to its 238 expansive studio apartments. It is designed for a one bedroom units and bigger two-bedroom units

The living accommodations are delivered with modern design and full-service building amenities. The residents delight in a luxurious lifestyle that they expect. The building has heterogeneous resources that will give the residents a unique comfort. The development vice president of the company anticipates that the Aspire building will attract many residents into the region. The building is expected to have a 24-hour doorkeeper, elevator services, and on-site maintenance. Boraie and his team have worked hard to ensure that the building has a wall to wall carpeting, hardwood floors, and oversized windows.

The apartments have got lavish kitchens, quartz countertops, cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. It has stunning bathrooms fitted with porcelain floor tiles, large showers and tubs, and ceramic wall tiles. The rooms are equipped with cables, fuel efficient gas cooking system, and the internet. It has public amenities such as catering kitchen, pool table, flat screens and luxury among others. The residents are also provided with an in building a fitness center, a place where they can exercise whenever they feel like since it’s open 24 hours a day. The Aspire building has made Bottom Line New Brunswick a home for young professionals. Through the unrelenting effort of the Boraie development team, Aspire has become a desirable home for every individual.the article was published on Central Jersey Working Moms.

Boraie development Llc. Is a private real estate company and offers real estate services. The company is located in New Brunswick, United States. The company deals in property management, sales/marketing, and real estate development. The company works hand in hand with the architects, contractors, and financial institution to bring projects to completion. Omar Boraie and Sam Boraie are the Vice President of the Boraie Development Llc.

Omar Boraie is considered one of the top prosperous developers in New Brunswick. He is also among the top philanthropists in New Brunswick. He is a member of the Board of Trustees for the State Theater in New Brunswick. He also sponsors various social activities in the region including the summer events hosted by the State Theater in New Brunswick. You can search him on Yahoo to know more about him.


“The Visions Of Omar Boraie .” Central Jersey Working Moms, 17 May 2017,

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A Field Trip To France With The Traveling Vineyard

For wine enthusiasts, there are many ways to taste numerous flavors and savoring the age old taste that we all love. They could buy different flavors from their local wine store, or from the most available Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide.

However, a more exciting way to taste the different types of wine is arguably by traveling the French countryside and getting together with friends. France is known the world over as a prime wine producing country, and many people flock it every year just to visit the various vineyards that its known for. The best known of all the wine brands in France open their vineyards to the public at specified times. This would be an exciting trip for the real wine enthusiast.

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Should you ever decide to take such a journey, some wine routes are a must visit. The first of these is Champagne wine route. This route would take you through this wine route is quite close to Paris, and one does not have to travel long distances to experience this road. Some of the most favorite vineyards among visitors are Champagne Aspasie, Champagne Tribaut, and Champagne Fallet Dart. The Alsace route provides picturesque views and sites that excite the first time visitor. It is best to visit this way close to the end of October when many wine festivals are carried out. The Burgundy route is a significant route covering five regions in France. It provides the exquisite wine experience as well as a view of the French countryside better than any of the other wine routes. Bordeaux in Southwest France is the convergence point for six different wine routes. And finally, in Provence, you will be treated to many different wine tastes from many different regions.

Based in Ipswich in Massachusetts, Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling wine company that allows in-home wine tasting for its special members. It was founded in 2001 and acquired nine years later in 2010 by Rick Libby and then proceeded to restructure it. Registered under the Direct Sellers’ Association, the company is held to high ethical standards and is a trusted wine dealer and source of information on wine.

Bob Reina: He Wants Big Things To Happen

Bob Reina sees the world in a way that very few people are able to see it and that makes him a special individual. After all, it takes a special individual to pull off what Bob Reina has done with Talk Fusion, the video communications provider. This is a company that won two awards in 2016 from the same company with one of the awards being for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. If anyone knows anything about Bob Reina, the words communications and solutions are everything to him in the business world. It is why he started Talk Fusion in the first place and why they are the very best in voice, data, and chat. Learn more:


Communication is something that too often gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to the big picture of life. People would be amazed at how many things could be cleared up if people took the time to sit down and chat with one another. They would really problem solve and they would come up with answers to simple problems. Whatever the reasons are, people just don’t know how to communicate or they can be too stubborn to communicate. Bob Reina is hoping that with people using Talk Fusion, they will communicate in a way they never did before. That is the hope and that is the dream. Learn more:


Solutions are also very vital in what Bob Reina and every single person is doing at Talk Fusion. When solutions are out there, they are less problems. So often, people get sidetracked because they are focused on the problem at hand instead of the solution. If they focused on the solution instead of the problem, they would be looking at the right thing. The problem is there, yes, but what about fixing that problem? When they focus on fixing the problem, it is a huge step in the right direction on avoiding problems in the future.


Bob Reina likes things to be positive, as he does not believe in the negative. He is not a fan of the negative and he likes to get it out of the way. Learn more:

Betsy DeVos: Success, Politics, and Charity

When people look at Betsy DeVos, among the things they are going to see is success. Women who have managed to make it into office can be considered successful by some. However, Betsy sees that there is more to success than just holding a certain position. She wants to make sure that any position she holds is going to make some major changes in the communities she is serving. One of the areas that she wants to make changes in is education. This is one of the reasons that she has brought forth the school choice initiative. With the school choice initiative, she has also brought forth vouchers that people can use so that they can take their children to the right schools so that they can get the best possible education. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

Education is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. This is why it is important for people to look at the school system of the possible schools that their children might visit. However, people are going to be faced with challenges when they find that they are not able to go to the school that is best for them. Fortunately, Betsy has put together vouchers for school choice so that parents can easily get their children enrolled into better schools.

Being a wife and a mother, Betsy DeVos values family. She understands the love of a parent and wants to make sure that other parents are able to do what she has done for her children. One very common issue in families is that there are financial problems that can get in the way of getting children the education they need so that they can find the careers that they want.

One thing that is very important for people is positive change. Betsy has always wanted to make positive changes in life. She has always known that it takes more than just donating to charity with no thought. She understands that actually engaging communities and looking closely at the issue is one of the better ways to bring about change. Among her goals is to break barriers and make sure people are in environments that are good for them. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

InnovaCare Health Executives And CEO Rich Shinto Are Dedicated To Serving Seniors In Puerto Rico

In August 2006, InnovaCare Health in Puerto Rico announced that Penelope Kokkinides joined their executive team as chief administrative officer. President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Shinto, M.D. stated that her expertise with Medicare and Medicaid programs would prove invaluable to the Medicare Advantage plan company. Before joining InnovaCare, Kokkinides held executive positions at Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice. Kokkinides earned a B.S. degree from Binghamton University, majoring in both classical languages and biological sciences. She earned two M.S. degrees, one in social work from New York University and one in public health from Columbia University. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance.

Shinto’s educational background and job history is equally impressive. After earning his medical degree from the State University of New York and an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands, Shinto practiced medicine as a pulmonologist and an internist. Later, he served as the chief medical officer at Cal Optima Health Plan, Medical Pathways Management Company and NAMM. In 2014, Shinto received the Access to Caring Award at Western University of Health Sciences annual gala the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim. Accepting his award, Shinto said, “In Puerto Rico, we’ve been dedicated to integrating behavioral health and medical care into the lives of our more than 200,000 seniors. Over the past several years our company has been able to introduce new strategies to enhance the quality and access to care to a population that has been plagued by poverty, by lack of education, and a shortage of health care providers.”

Kokkinides traveled to the White House in April 2017 to participate in a roundtable discussion hosted by Donald Trump and CMS Administrator Seema Verma, where she conferred with the seven other participants about federal healthcare legislation. As any dedicated executive would do, Kokkinides advocated for increasing the funding for Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health operates physician practice services as well as MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice, the island’s leading Medicare Advantage plans, serving more than 200,000 men and women. Both Medicare Advantage plans earned the Commendable Accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance; no other Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico can make such a claim. Learn more about the company at

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Contribution in Oncotarget and Cell Cycle-Cancer Research

The person behind the Oncortaget is Mikhail Blagosklonny who is now at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and serves as a professor of Oncology there. In his career, he has come up with decisive ways and how to approach and treat cancer effectively. He also has ways of how to rejuvenate skin. He went to the First Pavlov State Medical University of St Petersburg and obtained his MD in Internal Medicine. He proceeded to get his Ph. D in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology in the same campus.

He began his career in New York an associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College. He has been in various medical research institutions, and his expertise in the scientific environments are now showing him as a scholar adding value to society. He majors in looking for anti-aging drugs, researching for more certain cancer therapies that will take care of the cancerous cells alone. He is a biogerontologist who explains the science behind aging. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

He has come up with Rapamycin, medicine that can cure cancer and prevent aging. He also urges the old people to use the drug since it boosts their immunity. In his research, he focuses on Cellular and Molecular biology with clinical investigations. Mikhail concentrates on the following topics; cell cycle, apoptosis, signal transduction, ontogenesis, tumor suppressors, drug resistance, selective protection, mitosis and anticancer therapeutics.

As an author, he has written books on aging hyperfunction theory, cell cyclotherapy and the advantages of adding more technology on chemotherapeutic engineering. He has a careful approach on the cancer menace discovering that aging and cancer are very similar. E believes the solution to both, is using Rapamycin.

The articles that he has researched and written are more than 300. His journals and book chapters have been printed and published under his name. Moreover, he is an associate editor in PLOS ONE, American Journal of Pathology and the International Journal of Cancer. Mikhail has regularly been showing his willingness to help the masses in curing cancer. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

He is now the editor-in-chief of Oncotarget and Cell Cycle. He is a co-editor of cancer biology and therapy. Mikhail is on the editorial board of the Cell Death and Differentiation.

Baltimore is America’s Rising Real Estate Giant, According to Todd Lubar

Baltimore has reported some impressive gains and growth in its real estate sector. According to Todd Lubar, a resurgence of young professionals moving into this city holds great promise for realtors specializing in selling affordable apartments. In a purposeful bid to offer the new homeowners the best rates possible, the developers have pulled all stops to ensure they build impressive premises.

Cheaper Than Washington D.C

The housing developments emerging in the region seek to reduce the pressure on existing facilities, reports For instance, the proximity of the houses ensures you don’t need to drive to work; you just walk. That reduces the congestion on the existing roads and, it also makes a positive impact on the environment. Additionally, the area has seen hotels, restaurants and shopping malls being set up to cater to the needs and wants of the residents.


Todd Lubar’s illustrious career in the Baltimore real estate scene spans back two decades. Mr. Lubar didn’t always use to be a realtor, he admitted on No, in fact, he started his career as a credit and finance expert. That job allowed him a perfect opportunity to learn about the hurdles and obstacles which faced prospective homeowners in the manufacturing city.

Restoring the City’s Landmarks

There’s a recent post on the Patch which has Lubar talking about a hot real estate trend taking over the city. Todd has embarked on an ambitious project to restore the old buildings and landmarks which were erstwhile scheduled to get demolished. A classic example of which has to be the building which used to house BOA. That premises has transformed into one of the most sought-out-after real estate space in the entire town.

Todd Lubar

Anyone interested in securing a prime property, be it a condo, an apartment or a townhouse needs to take heed of the wisdom possessed by Mr. Todd Lubar. Why? Well, for starters, the Baltimore real estate is remarkably complicated, and if one isn’t careful, they could find themselves in heaps of trouble later.

Education Background

Todd is an alumnus of the prestigious Syracuse University. There, he studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication. The first paying gig, Lubar landed was with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1999. Additionally, the president of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, has served as the Senior V.P of Charter Funding LLC. Mr. Lubar heads up TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, as its president.

Securus Technologies Helping Solve Cold Cases

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in law enforcement is dealing with cases that run cold. Just because all the leads have dried up and no one is talking about the case any longer does not mean there are not people who are suffering and waiting for closure. A cold case landed on my desk, and the suspect seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth after committing a violent crime on a young lady and escaped from the local correctional facility.


One thing that I have learned in my many years in law enforcement is that these criminals always come back to their home territory in time because they feel safe in those surroundings despite being on every officer’s radar. This case was no exception as I was notified the suspect was in fact under an assumed name and back to his life of crime. Before anyone else was hurt, I needed to find this suspect and get him back to the prison.


When I was at the jail talking with inmates and officers, I was informed Securus Technologies was on site installing an inmate telephone call monitoring system. The system included LBS software that could do the work of many officers more accurately. Securus Technologies is a very well-known name in jails, having been installed in over two thousand prisons and their CEO Rick Smith having only one objective, making this world safe for all.


I decided to try to use the monitoring system to find my suspect, when we picked up chatter between an inmate who was irate with his family and yelling on the phone that our suspect owed him money for letting him stay at his brother’s house. This was a lead we never would have uncovered without the help of Securus Technologies, and we had our suspect hours later.